About us

KSMN is founded by Jehan Kothary

A masters in International Business and Economics Development, Jehan is a sports and retail entrepreneur and a business and management consultant

He started his first company Sportnexus (now KSMN Sports) in 2008 focusing on sports event management. In 2010 he became India’s first FIFA Licensed player agent and has been active as a football player agent over the past decade. Over time he diversified into sports consulting and advisory, sports infra development and sports development at youth level.

As a business consultant, Jehan primarily works with business enterprises for fund raising / investment and business counseling. In 2019 he set up 90 ONE, a unique retail space offering products and services in art, furniture and premium outdoor structures in tensile fabric and glass. Jehan’s expertise lies in structuring and planning, organising resources, project implementation and project management.